Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome New Year

I am way too lazy to put a picture up right this minute, but I will get one of a project I accomplished this week later.

So, New Year's resolutions. I don't recall really making any serious ones in the past because I realize that you are basically ensuring that you won't follow them by making them into somewhat of a chore. But, I do always like the idea of setting goals (I know, not a big difference, but somehow the wording changes the feel. Anyway, the other night before bed, I made a list of craft goals for the year by month. I have been spending so much time surfing to get the juices flowing and considering all of the great ideas out there and coming up with my own that I get on overload and can't remember what I wanted to do. Of course, since coming up with the list, I have worked on two projects around the house that weren't even on the list.

My husband made me a shelf for Christmas so the kids could hang up coats and bags and we could have a handy place for hats and mittens. I wanted baskets and was not impressed with the price or selection that I found in the size I needed so I proceeded to get the other stuff I needed like baby wipes, diapers, and baby food. It occurred to me that the wipes containers were the perfect size, so I bought 5 packs, came home, stuck the wipes in some Ziploc bags, steamed off the labels, and covered the boxes with fabric. Perfect! Now each one of us has a little bin for one hat and one set of gloves. I actually remembered, and could find, my gloves three times yesterday - hooray! since my hands are so chapped my knuckles have started to bleed.

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