Friday, May 30, 2008

BAD Mood

Here is why I am grouchy right now: I attempted to make doll jeans. I was so proud of myself, I looked at a pair and made my own pattern. Then, I fixed the elastic on the pair that I had copied (before anyone gets mad at the copying thing - my mom made the originals), then I tried to do the elastic on the ones I made. This is how I learned that baby elastic is not so good with denim. Probably this would be a "duh" for some people, but I didn't know that. After SEVERAL attempts to make it all work, I have decided they cannot be saved. I don't even want to look at the sewing machine right now. All of the excitement has been sucked out of me. Maybe I'll go to Goodwill and buy some baby clothes for them to use.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Projects and pictures

Okay, so I have made the tops of two quilts using the online instructions I found here: The one pictured is for my niece and the second one I made is for a friend's little girl (I'm hoping to make a coordinating toy to go with). I am such a newbie that, sadly, the second quilt is totally uneven across the bottom.

I also made the bag (pictured above) last week to give my teenage cousin as a birthday gift (I filled it with "beach" stuff like a beach towel, sunscreen, magazines, etc.). I winged the bag and was quite happy, though I have some changes in mid for next time.

I have also made a dress (out of our former shower curtain) for Princess Buttercup that went straight into the dress-up bin. My sister laughed at my choice of practice fabric calling me "Maria Von Trap" (sp?) and bringing up the movie Enchanted. Considering the sad state of the garment, I am thankful I decided to practice before using the fabrics I purchased.

The bottom picture just happens to be a pair of adorable tootsies that are currently at rest in my bedroom tonight so that I can paint his. No time to ramble today, it's 8:43 PM and I have to start painting a room. Goodnight (I hope).