Saturday, May 24, 2008

Projects and pictures

Okay, so I have made the tops of two quilts using the online instructions I found here: The one pictured is for my niece and the second one I made is for a friend's little girl (I'm hoping to make a coordinating toy to go with). I am such a newbie that, sadly, the second quilt is totally uneven across the bottom.

I also made the bag (pictured above) last week to give my teenage cousin as a birthday gift (I filled it with "beach" stuff like a beach towel, sunscreen, magazines, etc.). I winged the bag and was quite happy, though I have some changes in mid for next time.

I have also made a dress (out of our former shower curtain) for Princess Buttercup that went straight into the dress-up bin. My sister laughed at my choice of practice fabric calling me "Maria Von Trap" (sp?) and bringing up the movie Enchanted. Considering the sad state of the garment, I am thankful I decided to practice before using the fabrics I purchased.

The bottom picture just happens to be a pair of adorable tootsies that are currently at rest in my bedroom tonight so that I can paint his. No time to ramble today, it's 8:43 PM and I have to start painting a room. Goodnight (I hope).

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